Posture - it's something we all have but rarely talk about (unless you were brought up in London high society). 

The funny thing is, even though we don't really talk about posture much, it actually plays a pretty big role in our life. From the way people perceive us, to the way our mood is, posture influences a lot more than meets the eye. Here's how to spot bad posture and how to improve your posture for a better all around life. 


First off, what is bad posture?

We all know what bad posture looks like. Hunched back, head pushed forward, shoulders slumped and overall droopiness of the torso. And yes, droopiness is a word. Why would anyone want to walk around looking like this?

The reason is simple. We do it because it is easier. It is physically easier to let our body droop rather than hold it up all the time. Although it is physically easier, the body language of bad posture is telling everyone around us that we are down, out, and unhappy. Maybe even a bit lifeless. It’s harsh, but it’s true. Not only does our posture give people an impression about you before they even meet us, but our posture tells our brain how to feel. Have you read all the new research on power poses and how they can drastically increase our ability to win jobs, clients, and friendships? It seems that the jury is still out (as it is with almost any subject these days), but if it works for you, why should it matter if it's accepted as "clinically proven"?


Power Posing Is Back: Amy Cuddy Successfully Refutes Criticism


Good Posture

Chin up, shoulders back, chest out. Good posture sticks out like a sore thumb in the sea of endless examples of bad posture that surround us. When we see a person with good posture, we immediately feel the confidence and glow about them. We even find ourselves sitting up a little straighter after witnessing firsthand someone with good posture walk into the room. Then, five minutes pass and we realize how difficult it is to maintain good posture. So how are we supposed to maintain good posture for the rest of our lives if we can’t even hold up shoulders back and chest forward for 5 mins?

Here are some tips for how to become a “good posture person” while sitting and standing.


5 Steps for Sitting with Good Posture

1. Keep a little space between the back of your knees and your chair.

2. Keep your feet flat on the ground. Don’t let them dangle.

3. Distribute weight evenly to both hips.

4. Keep your butt against the back of the chair.

5. Get up and move every at least every hour.


4 Tips for Standing with Good Posture

  • Keep knees slightly bent.

  • Keep shoulders pulled back.

  • Keep your head over your shoulders.

  • Stand tall like you are being measured.


It isn’t easy to be a person of good posture, but it is worth the trouble. Use these tips to be intentional about how you carry yourself in all aspects of life. You will be amazed at how different you feel and how others will perceive you when you are a person of good posture!