The Power of NOW

Urgency is a component of delivering high-quality patient care.  Whether demanded by those directly providing care to patients, or by hospice managers demanding meaningful reports, successful leaders require data that is real-time and actionable.  Hospices have not had a tool to gain insightful patient and care giver feedback – but NOW we do.

CAHPS surveys are a required part of providing hospice care.  These surveys accomplish their goal for CMS; however, due to survey-bias and low response rates, the data is stale as a staff development and management tool.  To remedy this shortcoming, some hospices incorporate traditional survey methods that are often too long, capture retrospective data, and use outdated phone-and-paper- based methodologies to gather feedback.  In contrast, today’s leading hospices need a dynamic patient feedback tool and they need it NOW.


The hospice industry’s answer:  SimpliSurvey

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What is SimpliSurvey?

Leading your hospice in a real-time world requires real-time feedback; SimpliSurvey is cohesive with your hospice operations, is affordable, and (properly administered) does not conflict with CAHPS surveys.  It actually complements CAHPS.  By utilizing SimpliSurvey and CAHPS survey results, providers gain a holistic picture of patient satisfaction during care (SimpliSurvey) and care experience (CAHPS). 

How does SimpliSurvey work?

It’s simple:  SimpliSurvey’s dynamic survey platform connects your team with your patients and/or their care giver(s) via SMS (text).  SimpliSurvey collects feedback via emoticons (those smiling/frowning faces that have become ubiquitous with surveys) and allows for free text if the patient or care-giver desires to elaborate.  It’s quick and easy for users, and the results are powerful.

Since the focus of SimpliSurvey for hospices is on communication, competency, and compassion we provide standard allowable questions (you can also customize questions, if so desired).  Hospice leaders then access a dashboard that allows you to identify, track, and categorize issues needing resolution or celebration.  Strategically, SimpliSurvey positions you to benefit from emerging value-based reimbursements for hospices and participating in provider networks that will increasingly use high patient satisfaction to direct referrals.


How will this help my hospice?

SimpliSurvey’s timely, dynamic and targeted data removes key barriers that limit hospices from acquiring critical information regarding the patient/caregiver satisfaction.  With real-time feedback, you will be able to identify root causes and prioritize improvement, then act upon any troubling trend, resolving issues before they escalate to larger problems….and have specific successes you can emphasize.  If desired, Qualis will provide industry bench marks so you can compare your results with industry averages, best practices, etc….. and we will also deliver tools/CE courses to help each member of your staff improve their quality of care.


As a reader of the SONO It All newsletter you obviously are committed to serving patients and their care givers with excellence, so we are committed to you.  If interested in SimpliSurvey please let us know.


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