“Mark, if my idea was any good, someone else would have thought of it already.”  


This is one of the greatest misconceptions of creative idea generation. It is a natural human tendency to believe that other people are smarter, more talented, and more experienced than ourselves, but this is just not true. It takes courage to get past this self-defeating belief, but if you can push through, you will unlock massive creative potential.

I am a big believer that the best ideas are in YOUR head.

Two people with zero experience in hospice founded what is now one of the biggest hospices in the United States. Their interest in hospice came from bad experiences with inattentive hospice staff working in their nursing home facilities. Fed up with the poor care provided by the hospice staff they worked with, they determined it was time for them to build the finest hospice in the US.

After tons of late nights and long hours, they were successful in building a hospice that provided a materially higher standard of care than the competition. It wasn’t until years after they opened their doors that they discovered there existed a manual that would tell them exactly how to build a hospice - Step by step.

While many would think that this was a lack of resourcefulness by the founders, the truth is, by starting from scratch and using their own ideas, they were able to create an exceptional hospice model that is still in existence today.

Far too often, we discount and discard our own ideas. Instead of trusting our gut, we trust others to influence the decisions made about how to operate our own hospice practice.

After over 20 years of serving hospices, I have found that every single hospice is unique and special. Your ideas are exactly what your hospice needs to innovate. Why? Because no one knows your hospice and it’s needs better than you do. Innovation is the application of YOUR creative ideas. Trust yourself and be creative.

Take a chance and put yourself out there. You will find that your team will be energized by the idea of implementing original, organic ideas for process and service improvement.  

Go ahead. Be unique, be yourself, and be exceptional.


Mark Lewandowski

EVP & Founder of PDCRx