Every profession has its stereotypes. Firemen have mustaches. Lawyers wear suits 7 days a week. Yoga instructors speak softly and slowly. Plumbers show a little butt crack. But what about nurses? What stereotypes and expectations do nurses have? Don’t even get us started! There are many that we could talk about, but today, we want to talk about the 5 stereotypical hairstyles of nurses.


The “Perpetual Pony”

Plain and simple. That’s how most nurses like it. The pony-tail was originally built for both speed and for comfort. It’s no surprise that this style is the most common nursing hairstyle. Whether you have straight hair or curly hair, the Perpetual Pony can remedy even the worst of bad hair days. Pony it up and go be the best nurse you can be! The Perpetual Pony is the gold standard of nursing hairstyles.

If you think the Perpetual Pony is the right look for you, then check out this article we found that lists all the different ways you can wear a Ponytail!



The “Justin Bieber”

You’re a cool nurse. The kind that takes their job seriously but isn’t afraid to do things your own way. You chose to have shorter hair so that you can spend less time blow-drying and more time getting some extra shut-eye. The Justin Bieber hairstyle was adopted by the nursing community long before the Canadian pop-sensation made it a global pandemic. Although this hairstyle is on its way out, it is still one of the most stereotypical haircuts for nurses.


The “Murse”

You’re a man’s man and you just so happen to be a nurse as well. You didn’t choose to be bald, but you wear it every day like a badge of honor because society needs you. People look to you when they are in desperate need of some help. Your hairstyle says it all. Dependable. Straight-shooter. Clean-cut. And most importantly, strong. The Murse hairstyle is unlike any other hairstyle because the Murse NEVER goes out of style.

P.S. Murse = Male Nurse


The “Braider”

You won’t let a job like nursing keep you from looking your best. You put in the time to make sure your hair looks just as good as it does when you go out for a fancy dinner. Braids take time. But so do all things that are great. The Braider hairstyle is envied by those who lack the confidence and/or skill to pull off this style. Look out for nurses that are rocking the Braider. They mean business and they are not to be taken lightly.

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The “Grease Trap”

All nurses have rocked this hairstyle a time or two. When you regularly work 12+ hour shifts, your hair will inevitably become greasy. It’s not your fault so no need to be embarrassed. The grease-trap will always be a nursing hairstyle. It just comes with the territory. If you want to nip your grease-trap hairstyle in the bud, simply get some dry shampoo. It will zap the grease right out of it!

Here are some dry shampoos that we like!



All professions have their stereotypes. Nurses have many more stereotypes outside of hairstyles. Let us know what haircut you see among the nurses you work with!

Updated: May 15, 2019