3 Easy Ways to Be More Creative

What does it mean to be creative?  Is there really a way for me to be more creative in my work, my social life, my finances and my relationships?  The answer is simple; “Yes, there is a way for you to be more creative in everything you do.”  Consider these three easy steps:


1. Be curious.


Ask a lot of questions so that you get a better understanding of any situation in life that you encounter. Curiosity is the foundation of creativity. My friend, Jeff Walker, a former executive at Oracle says, “If the solution isn’t obvious, then you don’t really understand the problem.” Asking a lot of questions and really seeking the true problem will allow you to find many creative ways to handle any situation in life.


2. Be spontaneous.


Trying new things on a daily basis will help your mind to practice thinking outside of your patterns. It can be as simple as trying a new radio station on the way to work, listening to a podcast instead of music, eating new foods or watching a TV show that is different from what you normally watch. We get stuck in habits and need to help our mind break those patterns.


3. Be active.


If you want to stimulate more great ideas, get out and move your body. Your mind is an amazing tool for ideas. Moving your body will stimulate brain activity which doesn’t happen when you are sitting still. Try going for a walk, standing by a pond and skipping rocks, taking a yoga class or riding your bike. These activities can get you thinking in news ways about a tough problem or situation.


You were made to generate ideas.  You just need to assist your brain by making small modifications to your behaviors.  And finally, when you have ideas, write them down and go back to them later to tweak them. If you can do these three things, you are well on your way to becoming a more creative an innovative person. 


Mark Lewandowski, Ph.D.

Author and entrepreneur who specializes in creative idea generation.