Ahhh… The sunshine, the mid 70’s, the smiling faces, the fresh food…

What is it that makes the SONO Symposium such a unique and memorable event?

For those who have been before, you’ll agree it’s hard to put into words. Some say it’s all about the relationships. For others, it’s about the access to an incredible lineup of speakers and industry leaders. And for the rest, perhaps it’s the tools and the takeaways that make the investment in the Symposium worth every single last penny.

I mean, have you seen the speaking lineup? We have Walt Disney World Imagineers, we have Palliative Care industry shapers, we have Stanford trained innovation and creativity tycoons, we have presidents of some of the largest hospices in the United States, and last but not least, we have audience members who are the best and the brightest hospice executives in the world.

To say that this year’s symposium is going to be the biggest and the best yet, would be a drastic understatement.

We are expecting over 35 hospices with an average, and yes, I said an average, of over 400 ADC from 16 states for a total of over 60 hospice executives all ready to come to learn, share, and grow together.

You see, our industry is a little different than most. We aren’t selling rubber bracelets on Amazon. We aren’t selling a better cup of coffee. Heck, we aren’t even helping homeowners design their dream kitchen!

No, our work is a little different than most. We are tasked with helping people cross what can be a terrifying bridge from this life to the next.

And that’s why the SONO Symposium is a little different.

It’s about something bigger than growing the bottom line.

It’s about something bigger than fancy titles and big paychecks.

However it is that we’ve found ourselves in this profession, it’s easy to forget that at the end of the day, we are doing some of the toughest, painful, and scary work that exists. But out of that pain, fear, and challenge also comes some of the most beautiful moments that we’ve ever experienced. What a gift we’ve been given to have the honor of helping people transition from one life to the next.

This event is about more than fun, friendships, and learning. This event is about honoring our co-workers, our families and friends, and our patients. Honoring them by being the absolute best we can be and doing our part in moving this industry forward.

We are the future of hospice. We are the innovators of hospice. We are shaping our industry into an industry with a brighter, better, and happier tomorrow.

If you’re reading this and you’re planning on joining us this year, get ready for the best hospice symposium you’ve ever been to. And don’t forget, you’re a big part of what will make it so.


Seth Lewandowski

Project Director of SONO Hospice Solutions


P. S. The SONO Symposium is still the most fun, friendship filled, and memorable hospice conference in existence. Get ready for an awesome week.