We get a lot of questions about what the SONO Symposium is all about and whether the event is for everyone or not, so we decided to throw together a punch list of the top 6 reasons to attend and not to attend the 2019 SONO Symposium. 


Top 6 Reasons to Attend the SONO Symposium


1. I want to learn a lot of things that are immediately useful at my hospice.



2. I want to interact with and learn from other great hospice leaders.

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3. I want to focus on substantive topics, where sessions are facilitated but best insights come from fellow leaders.


4. Create and share with great folks in an up-beat, fun, and relaxed atmosphere.



5. The ROI of being a part of this is off the charts, positive.



6. It’s Scottsdale in February.. 




Top 6 Reasons NOT to Attend the SONO Symposium


1. I already know everything there is to know about hospice and palliative care.



2. I think creativity and collaboration are much over-rated.



3. To be honest, learning and sharing are for sissies.



4. I’d rather spend my hospice’s time and money on conferences and sessions that produce vague results and that drain me of energy.



5. ROI isn't really that important.



6. I don’t like being in a warm and beautiful place in the middle of winter.


So what's the verdict? Are you right for the Symposium? If so, check out our agenda for this year. We are taking it to a whole new level this year.