We are proud to announce that C. McNair Wilson will be joining us for the 2019 SONO Symposium as our Keynote Speaker.

C.Mcnair Wilson.jpeg

McNair Wilson has a decorated background in working on the cutting edge of creativity, not least of all being a Disney Imagineer and co-creator of the Tower of Terror. In addition, McNair is a published author with multiple powerful books on the creative process available for purchase on Amazon.


The 2019 SONO Symposium will be centered around applying creativity to our leadership practices in hospice and using that as a catalyst for innovation, increased profitability, and improved patient care. 

We reached out to McNair a couple months ago and told him all about what we do.

  • How we are a hospice event that likes to work on the cutting edge.
  • How we like to question the norms of our industry.
  • How we like to have a ton of fun and make lasting relationships. 
  • How we like to be way ahead of the curve and leading our industry. 
  • How we like to make every topic and event meaningful, applicable, and substantive. 
  • How we like to take the hands-on approach and steer clear from the theoretical.

Needless to say, McNair loved the idea of the Symposium and knew right away that he could lead our 2019 symposium with cultivating and applying creativity to our businesses as the heart of the conference. 

In addition, McNair has informed us that he doesn't want to just show up, speak, then hit the road. No, he wants to be there for the entire event and be available to get to know and challenge us during the breaks, evening events, and meals. McNair will be with us from Taco Night on Tuesday all the way through Thursday night.


He is all in, and so are we. 

If you'd like to learn more about McNair, check out his Keynote Event page. We have tons of great resources there including more information about him, his background, some videos of his powerful presentations, and links to get your tickets for this year. 

Please join us in welcoming McNair to the 2019 SONO Symposium. This will be an event that you will not want to miss.