It is easy to overlook our own needs when our day is spent focused on tasks and caring for other people. Hospice employees are a perfect example of this. Taking care of yourself is super important so sit back and ask yourself these 6 questions. If your answer to any of these 6 questions is “No”, then we strongly suggest you start taking better care of yourself.


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1. Do you sing in the shower?

This question may not sound totally relevant to whether or not you are taking care of yourself but trust us, this is VERY important. For one, if you sing in the shower, it means that you take showers. Not showering is a common symptom of depression and/or mental illness. Second, singing in the shower will make you feel happy. Moral of the story - start taking showers and put some music on and sing along. If you are a Spotify listener, there is even a playlist (link below) dedicated to songs that are great to sing in the shower to. You have no excuse! Bonus points for taking cold showers as cold water therapy has been shown to be as helpful as antidepressants for people experiencing depression. In case you'd like to go down that rabbit trail, we recommend you start here



2. Do you take your time getting ready in the morning?

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Once again you slept through the alarm and have 10 mins before you have to be out the door. You start asking yourself what you can go without that day since you are in a hurry. The likely sacrifice - you skip breakfast, skip the shower, throw on the first outfit you see and head out. Sound familiar? This is a terrible way to start the day. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Showering makes you feel good because you won’t worry about whether or not your peers can smell you. Choosing the perfect outfit for each day will give you a huge confidence boost and everyone you encounter will wonder why you look so dang good all the time. “Look good, feel good” really is a thing.



what does your pee color mean copy 3.png

3. Is the color of your urine transparent yellow? (betcha didn't see that one coming! haha)

It’s impossible to talk about taking care of yourself without talking about hydration. If the color of your urine is anything but transparent yellow, you are not drinking enough water. Your level of hydration plays a HUGE role in how you feel and how well your body is able to function. The chart here demonstrates the most common colors of urine and what they mean. 



4. Are you working towards a goal?

To explain this one, let's take a look at a recent study we conducted:

There are two hamsters (Fred and Thomas) that run on a wheel every single day. We asked Fred why he runs every day. Fred replied, “I just run every day. I always have so I just keep doing it." We asked Thomas the same question, "Why do you run every day?" Thomas replied, “I want to be the fastest hamster in the world.” Both hamsters are doing the exact same thing. They both run every day. The only difference is that Thomas has a purpose and therefore knows why he is running every day. Don’t be like Fred who just does things because he's always done them. Do things with purpose and always have a goal that you are working toward.


5. Do you forgive easily?

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Holding on to a grudge doesn’t do a thing to the person you are upset with. In fact, holding a grudge is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies.  Resenting someone doesn’t affect their life in the slightest. Resentment is something that you and you alone have to carry, and resentment will physically, mentally, and emotionally weigh you down. Forgive people. Believe it or not, it’s much easier to forgive someone than it is to lug around hatred and resentment all day every day.

"If your suitcase exceeds the weight limit at the airport, try forgiving someone of harm they have caused you in the past. You’ll be amazed at how much lighter you’ll feel. Your suitcase will still be too heavy, of course, and you'll probably have to pay extra fees to check it, but at least you will feel amazing.” - Someone



6. Do you absolutely, 100%, without a doubt, love what you do?

Happier people are HEALTHIER people.

What better way to take care of yourself than to make yourself happy? Imagine waking up every day excited about what you were doing that day… can you picture that life? That life for yourself that you just pictured can be your new goal. Everything you do should be with purpose to achieve the life you have always wanted for yourself. It's okay if you are not doing something you love right this second, just as long as you are doing it because it is getting you closer to your goals in life. 


You have asked yourself 6 very important questions. Now what? If you answered “Yes” to all 6 questions, keep doing what you’re doing. If your answer was “No” to any of the questions, find a way to make that "No" a "Yes". You deserve to be able to say "Yes" to all 6 of these questions.

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