Nursing has its own language. The medical acronyms and jargon are unique to nursing, but nurses also have their own language outside of work. Here are the most common nursing phrases, and what they really mean.



When a nurse comes home after a long day and says, “I am completely worn-out!”

Interpretation:  Everybody is on their own for dinner tonight.


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When a nurse says, “I love my family.”

Interpretation:  "I really do love ‘em, but I’ve also been around some bat_ _ _ _ crazy people today and I'm gonna need a little me-time."



When a nurse at a restaurant says, “I’ll hold-off on desert, but might have a bite of yours.”

Interpretation: Go ahead and order two deserts.

Reality: Old habits die hard.

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When a nurse tells a physician, “Yes, Doctor.  I agree, and also want to make you aware of other symptoms.”

Interpretation:  You are on the right track, but let me finish telling you everything so I can lead you to the right conclusion.



When a nurse says, “I see your point, but...”

Interpretation:  You are wrong, and here’s why…



Nurses are notoriously healthy and stubborn patients.  When a nurse finally admits, “I have a slight headache.”

Interpretation:  Someone had better call EMS.

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When a nurse says, “Maybe.  Let me think about it some more and we’ll talk about it later.”

Interpretation:  The answer is still ‘No’, and my answer won’t change for the foreseeable future.



When a nurse says, “I love my co-workers!”

Interpretation: “I really love a lot of my co-workers, sort of like a few, and would be fine if a few were my patients.”



When a nurse says, “We need to talk.”

Interpretation:  YOU need to listen.

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