Our Favorite PBM

We wanted to take a second to brag on one of our favorite SONO Partners - PDCRx (aka PDC). PDC is a pharmacy benefit manager that has been serving, and we mean SERVING, hospices since 2001. If you are looking for a pharmacy benefit manager with a family feel, then look no further.

You might be asking yourself, "Okay SONO, what's so special about PDC?"

Well, we are glad you asked. 


Wait, before we dive into PDC, let's make sure we understand what a pharmacy benefit manager is?

A pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) is a company that does multiple things for a hospice. The main benefit that a PBM provides is cost savings on pharmacy medications. However, because so many new PBM companies have popped up in the industry, PBM’s have greatly reduced their profit margins and have rolled out additional benefits in order to be competitive in the marketplace. Today, it is very hard to find a hospice that doesn't use a PBM because of all the benefits that come from using a PBM.


Let's cut to the chase - what you should know about PDC?

There are lots of PBMs out there to choose from but the PBM that SONO recommends is PDC (Palliative Drug Care). They were one of the first hospice PBM’s to hit the market back in 2001 and ever since then they have been doing everything they can to serve the needs of hospices all over the nation. If you are looking for a PBM that actually prioritizes the needs of their clients - look no further. This is what makes PDC unique. In addition to the approach of putting their clients first, PDC offers some other great perks: 


The best customer service in the industry

PDC has a customer service team that is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Yes, you read that correctly. No hospice will ever call PDC and be greeted by a robot. A human will answer the phone every single time. PDC understands that hospices work around the clock, so why shouldn't their PBM be available around the clock as well? 


Free e-Prescribing

PDC offers FREE e-prescribing to all of their customers. If you no longer want your medical directors waking up in the middle of the night to send faxes to the pharmacy, then PDC has the solution for you. With e-prescribing, the doctors can send controlled substances to the pharmacy directly from their smart phone. 


Continued Education

PDC offers unlimited CEU’s to its hospices so they can keep their nurses and staff educated year around on hospice and palliative care related topics. These CEU’s satisfy the requirements of each state and all the courses are done online! Convenient right? 


EMR Integration


PDC has an open API system which means they can interface with any and all EMR software companies. When a hospice enters patient demographics into their EMR software, that same information is shared with PDC in real time. PDC understands that less faxing and paperwork means you have more time to care for your patients. And that makes PDC very happy.


Compliance with CR 8358

PDC ensures compliance with Medicare guidelines (CR 8358). A surprising number of hospices are not aware of the guidelines they have to meet which puts them out of compliance if they don't use a PBM that ensures compliance with Medicare guidelines. Make sure your PBM is helping you stay compliant. 


Who should use PDC?

Hospice PBM’s have become somewhat of a necessity for any hospice that wants to be competitive and profitable. There are tons of perks and benefits that come from working with a PBM. If you are having trouble deciding what PBM to choose, ask yourself what kind of PBM you want.

If you want to work with a PBM that knows you by name and answers when you call, choose PDC.

If you want a PBM that is family owned and operated, choose PDC.

If you want a PBM that works with your unique needs, choose PDC.

If you want a PBM that actually cares about your hospice, choose PDC.


As you can tell, we like PDC. Why not give them a try?