Why is it that the stubborn people are the ones to outlive everyone? All the good ones go, but the “mean” people live forever. Well this is no coincidence. There happens to be a correlation between how long a person lives and how stubborn they are.


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Recently there was a study conducted with the purpose of examining nonagenarians (people between 90 and 99 years of age) and centenarians (people 100+ years of age) to determine if a positive mindset contributed to longevity. This study was published in International Psychogeriatrics if you'd like to check it out for yourself. You can go read the publication if you want ALL the details but we will give you the cliff notes version. Basically, there were specific personality traits that were found in the 90 years and up individuals that were being studied. These traits were:



Work Ethic


Family Oriented


Strong Bond with Our Earth


Who would have ever thought that being stubborn would have anything to do with living longer? If you have been told your entire life that you are stubborn, congratulations! You have essentially bathed in the fountain of longevity.


As a hospice care professional, it is very likely that the majority of patients that you care for are stubborn. This is a good thing! Let them be stubborn. Learn from them so you too can live a long life surrounded by family and loved ones.


The takeaway from this article is that personality DOES have an effect on your life. Not only the quality, but also the length. Sure, genetics plays a huge role on our health and longevity, but our personality is something we can control and also contributes to a longer life. Choose to be positive every day and see the good in people! Work your butt off and never complain about it. Love your family and always put them first. Believe in SOMETHING! Take pride in the land that you are a part of! Last and certainly not least, be STUBBORN. People might hate you for it, but you will outlive them. Hopefully.