Have you ever felt so tired at work that when you say to yourself, “As soon as I get home from work, I am going straight to bed?” But as soon as you get home you are filled with energy and going to sleep seems near impossible?


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If this is you, chances are you work in a toxic work environment. At work you feel miserable! For 8 hours a day you fill your lungs with toxic fumes that accompany each depressing breath of atmosphere that lingers within the walls of your office. BUT WHY?! What is it about where you work that makes you feel so toxic? LISTEN up and LISTEN good! THIS IS NOT NORMAL. You should not hate going into the office. Stop breathing in the toxic environment and clean up the air that you are breathing.


Here’s the truth: You don’t have a toxic environment. You have toxic people. And you know exactly who these toxic people are. They are always at the center of gossip and bring negativity with them everywhere they go. When they go on vacation it is like seeing sunshine for the first time in years. The entire office is happy and high fives are going all around. If you are reading this and thinking to yourself, “I don’t think our office has a toxic environment”, it is because of one of two things.

1. You really don’t have a toxic environment, or

2. YOU are the toxic person…

Let that sink in.


Imagine waking up every day and literally being filled with joy because of how excited you were to go into work. Imagine if everyone you worked with felt this way! How is this even possible? Well it is possible. Google is famous for its work environment. Let’s list a few of the things that make google an amazing place to work.


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1. Google treats its employees to trips and holiday parties.

2. Google employees have access to gym’s and activities on their campus.

3. Google serves its employees 3 meals a day. Also, they are all FREE.

4. Google offers perks like massages, music lessons, and you can bring your dog to work. That's right, load Baxter up in the Prius - he's going to work today! 

5. Google has a 20% rule that allows its employees to spend 1 day out of the week to working on personal projects.


A toxic person would have no effect on the positive culture and environment that google has created for its’ employees. Any negativity brought in is diluted by all the positive energy of everyone else. And this is good news because you can change your work environment to be the same way!


So maybe you realized that your work environment is toxic - here's how to turn it around.

Is it likely that you can negotiate to start bringing your dog with you to work? Maybe not. But you can start with something smaller. Maybe talk to your employees and find out what everyone would be interested in. You would be shocked at the impact a Monday Morning Mimosa meeting could have on your work environment. Or the switch from working at a desk to a couch for 1 hour each day. We challenge you to talk with your employer about making your work environment a more positive place to be, because guess what? Your employer doesn’t want everyone to hate coming into work. They WANT you to be excited! Just tell them what you want!