What an exciting time to be alive. We grew up being told never to get in a car with a stranger, then Uber made getting into a car with a stranger a normal thing. We grew up being told not to let strangers into our homes, then Airbnb made inviting a stranger into our homes a normal thing.

So what's next? Flying robots? Well, in part, yes. People are already talking about how drones will be changing the way we ship things, but how soon can we expect change? And how many things will. This begs the question - How will our hospice industry be affected by these flying robots?


Medication Delivery


Amazon has already announced that they plan on entering into the healthcare sector (NYT article here), and they will most likely pave the way in utilizing drone delivery technology to start to deliver hospice patient medications. Amazon has mentioned its intention to be able to deliver in as little as 30 minutes through its Amazon Prime Air service. This would be huge for patients that live in high traffic areas like Atlanta. Imagine how much patient care is improved if you can have on demand medications delivered straight to the patient’s home within 30 minutes of being admitted into hospice care. Crazy to imagine - but this is where we are headed. 


Live Visual Experiences


Imagine being sick and immobile for a very long time but getting to step out of your current environment and into an incredible live visual experience. Sounds pretty great right? Well, The Flight To Remember Foundation is doing just this for the sickest of the sick.  This foundation allows a bedridden patient to see virtually any place of their choosing without having to leave the place they are. Drone pilots who are part of this program fly their drones and send a live video feed to a patient so they can see almost any place in the world that they want. This is a very emotional experience for someone who has been unable to leave the house for a very long time. You can find more information about this amazing foundation at www.flighttoremember.org. Go check them out to learn more about this amazing charity.


What are you expecting? 

These are just two of what will likely be many ways that drone technology impacts the world of Hospice. What do you think? What overlap do you see coming for Hospice and drone technology?