Do you ever wish you had more time in the day? We definitely do. Imagine how much more we could get done every day if we just had a couple extra hours of time. The possibilities! As humans, we unfortunately don’t have the power to extend the hours we have in the day… BUT we DO have the power to increase how much we can accomplish by being more productive!


Research shows that there are a multitude of ways to easily increase productivity and get more done! The SONO Team has compiled the research of others and packaged it into a quick and applicable list that will vamp up your productivity. Let’s dive into the top 11 ways to increase your productivity!


1) People are Resources


If you are the type of person that has trouble giving up responsibility because you believe (or know) that you can accomplish the task faster and better than someone else could, then we are speaking directly to you! The most productive people in the world don’t waste their time with menial tasks. Delegate tasks that don’t require your specific experience and expertise to someone else.


2) Skip Unnecessary Meetings


Don’t go to every single meeting that you are invited to. Learn to say no. Tell them you have work that needs done and you will get the bullet points of the meeting from a friend. Let’s be honest people... most meetings that last 30 minutes should have concluded in under 5. Unnecessary meetings are one of the best ways to waste time in the workplace. Vet the reason for meetings you are called to. Be the hero that cancels the meeting because you resolved the problem that the meeting was supposed to be about.


3) Have a To-Do-List

giphy (2).gif


There is nothing like striking a line through a task you had on your to-do list. To-do lists are about as elementary as it gets when it comes to productivity, but most people still do not use them. Write down what you want/need to get done that day. Instead of wasting time thinking about all the things that need to get done, you can write it down and stop thinking about it! This list will give you a clear direction about what you need to get done.


4) Take a Break!


Our natural reaction to being swamped with work is to plant ourselves at our desk and grind until the work is complete. It seems logical… we get more work done if we are glued to our seats without distractions. But, the science of productivity actually says otherwise. Taking breaks energizes us and recharges our brains. Our focus is increased and our work is of a much higher quality. Get your butt out of your seat and move around every once in a while! Breaking up the work will result in a happier and healthier you!


5) Cut Down on Social Media


The world of social media is a slippery slope of amusement. It is all too easy to get lost in the crazy videos that our friends and relatives tag us in. Research shows that the average person spends over 2 hours each day on messaging and social media platforms. How much time do you spend mindlessly scrolling through Facebook each day? Be honest.


6) Cut Down on Television


The average person spends about 170 mins per day watching TV. It is very easy to come home after work, kick your feet up and binge watch your favorite show. But for productivity purposes, these two hours at the end of your day could be more useful completing tasks around the house that you have been putting off. Try a week without TV (if you can). You will have more time on your hands than you know what to do with.


7) The 2-Minute Rule


Procrastination is the arch enemy of productivity. The 2-minute rule will nip procrastination in the bud. The 2-minute rule is easy to live by. If it takes less than 2-minutes, then do it now! Most of the tasks we procrastinate over take less than 2-minutes to complete. Ask yourself, can I complete this task in 2-minutes? If so, you know what you must do.


8) Stop Multi-tasking


Commit yourself to one project at a time rather than multi-tasking. Spreading focus across multiple tasks will only result in stress and poor quality of work. The small victories and feeling of accomplishment after completing each individual task is important in feeling productive. The feeling of productivity will keep you energized to continue crushing one task at a time.


9) Get some Eye-Candy


This one is a favorite of ours because all you need is a plant to increase your productivity. Research shows that aesthetic plants or pictures surrounding your work area can increase productivity by 15%! Go get a Bonsai tree to keep next to you. If you don’t like plants, get yourself a Betta fish. If you don’t like plants or fish, get yourself a nice painting or picture to tickle your mind’s fancy. 15% people. It’s worth a try.


10) Take Advantage of Your Energy


If you are a morning person, you should be doing your biggest and most grueling tasks right away. Get the most out of your energy! Don’t waste your annoying “morning person” energy on easy tasks like responding to emails. Instead, use that energy to type up the 20-page report your boss has been asking you for.


11) Don’t Worry, Be Happy


Happiness directly affects productivity. So if you aren’t doing what makes you happy, you will see this reflected in your lack of productivity. According to CNBC, the United States is ranked 14th among the happiest countries in the world. Norway is ranked #1 in the world in regards to happiness. Consider moving to Norway if you really want to increase your productivity because people are happy as clams out there.