Have you ever been asked what you like to do for fun and literally couldn’t think of a single answer? Rest easy, because you are not alone. It’s not that we don’t do things that are fun, it’s just that we haven’t specifically identified something fun that we love to do. In other words, we don’t have a “hobby."


Work - life balance is a popular idea that gets thrown around and describes the balance that should exist between an individual’s work and personal life. But maintaining this balance can be very difficult at times because of the demands that work puts on us. Work often demands so much out of us that the balance between work and personal life is pretty much non-existent.  Work typically eats up all the energy we have and when it is finally time to enjoy our personal life, we are too tired to do anything at all. Kinda makes sense now why we can't think of anything we like to do for fun, doesn't it?


It's time to get a hobby.


Having a hobby is important. Even someone that is totally passionate about their job still should have a hobby. A hobby gives us something that a job cannot. A job is something we HAVE to do. It is what pays the bills. We clock-in, we clock-out. We request vacation time, etc. A hobby is all about doing things our way, when and how often we want. It doesn’t need to make us money, it just needs to be something that is ours and is used to recharge from all the stress that often accompanies work. A hobby makes us more than just what we do for a living. It makes us interesting and it makes us more well-rounded. A hobby gives us an outlet for dealing with a stressful day at work. A hobby can offer a completely new perspective on life. A new perspective will bleed over into all areas of our lives and is sure to make a difference in our attitude and how we view ourselves.


How to choose a hobby.

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Choosing a hobby should not be difficult. If choosing a hobby causes us stress, then we are missing the point! We should do something that we want to learn more about. A hobby can be as simple as taking a walk while listening to our favorite music. Maybe it is painting old furniture. We must choose something that WE want to do. The entire purpose of a hobby is to have more time for ourselves and something that we make the rules for. If you find yourself having trouble choosing a hobby to take up, visit http://discoverahobby.com/listofhobbie to get some ideas!


The one takeaway we should leave with from this article is that work typically tips the scale over our personal lives. This affects our happiness and how we view ourselves. Don’t be that person that doesn’t have an answer when someone asks what you like to do for fun! Be the person that says “I like to go antique shopping." Be a person with a hobby! That way, next time we meet someone for the first time, we can skip telling them about what we HAVE to do and go straight to telling them what we LIKE to do. 


Comment below and let us know what your favorite hobby is!