10 Things You Didn’t Learn in Nursing School

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We asked, you delivered.

Here, for your enjoyment, are the top 10 things YOU, our awesome readers, didn’t learn in nursing school.



1. How to call a doctor in the middle of the night.

Gia from Indiana, Acute Care


2. How a healthy diet can remove the need for medication.

Ali from Tacoma, WA, Home Health


3. PICC Lines, Blood Draws, and IV

Jerylyn from NY, Acute Care

Sherri from Baltimore, MD, Clinical Research Oncology

Amber from Oklahoma City, OK - Acute Care


4. How hard it is to lose a child.

Megan, Children’s Emergency


5. How to communicate with doctors and the interdisciplinary team.

Breanna, Grand Rapids, MI, Acute Care


6. How to manage time.

Shauna from Portland, ME - Hospice Care

B, Acute Care mobile nurse

Anonymous from Muncie, IN - Long Term Care


7. How to tell families that their loved one only has days left to live.

Cathi from Mesa, AZ - Hospice Care


8. How to deal with patients who try to fight you… literally.

Anonymous, Urbana, IL - Acute Care


9. How to tell a family their loved one has passed away.

Shyanne from Pella, IA - Home Care


10. How to actually be a nurse and handle patient assignments.

Anonymous from Lowell, MA - Maternity Care

If we missed anything or you would have liked to contribute, it’s not too late! Drop your contribution in the comments!

And last but not least, a sincere “Thank you” to all you incredible nurses out there who make our world a better place by taking care of us when we are at our weakest. Thank you for choosing this profession. Thank you for contributing to this article. Thank you for everything you do for our medical system. You’re the heartbeat of healthcare.

The SONO Team